our goals

Our nursery’s main goal is clear. We want to create an atmosphere in which each child feels warmth and appreciation. It is important for us that exploring the surrounding world brings him satisfaction and happiness. Only then can he spread his wings and fully develop his potential.

Montessori pedagogy

Marie Montessori’s pedagogy used in our nursery is a completely new approach to children education. It takes advantage of every child’s natural anxiety and unbounded learning potential. Through specifically designed aids he discovers the secrets of the world around him. In a simple way he solves complicated problems – so instead of just memorising facts he starts to understand them. Our qualified staff keep an eye on his actions – they are always ready to explain the kid’s experiments helping him to understand them and draw conclusions – as well as inspiring him for further discoveries.

As well as that, the children learn by working in groups. The teacher presents new knowledge to them in a simple way – using games, colourful cards or boards, toys and other helpful aids. The kids cooperate in a group – experimenting, asking questions and looking for answers together. They also encourage each other to make new little discoveries – all the time having great fun together.

There’s more! We offer a wide range of optional activities. Everything from dance classes to drama – so that each little explorer finds the perfect place for himself. Learn more..

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tel. 22 207 23 73
email: kabaty@chatka.edu.pl

CHATKA Natolin

tel. 22 414 28 28
email: natolin@chatka.edu.pl

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