English Classes

  • English As A Second Language

    We understand that immersion in a foreign language boosts Children’s development and helps them acquire it as a part of their natural environment. English classes are held daily for half an hour in all groups. We have our own immersion programme created by Małgorzata Wiszniewska. It is based on many years’ experience and successful teaching English to Children.
    Preschool Children learn English naturally, just like their own mother tongue. That is why each English class is just fun game time. During a half-an-hour lesson the Teacher plays language games with materials specially designed for the course. He also sings songs and reads short stories. As a result, after a three-year course, Children can easily understand simple stories and can naturally communicate with their English-speaking peers using simple words. Parents, having access to lesson plans, can monitor their Child’s progress on a daily basis.

  • Polish-English Groups

    In Chatka Children learn language through movement and play. Thanks to cooperation with qualified Teachers, it is an enjoyable experience.

  • English-Polish Groups

    In Chatka Natolin there is an English-Polish group, where one of the Teachers speaks English during the schoolday. Children talk to the Teacher in simple sentences. English is part of their life.