Our offer

  • What do we offer?

    Each Child is different and has different needs. Therefore we offer the whole range of activities, within the tuition fee:
    • English classes every day

      Do zajęć z języka angielskiego przywiązujemy szczególną wagę. We wszystkich grupach odbywają się one codzienne przez pół godziny. We wszystkich grupach stosujemy autorski program opracowany przez Małgorzatę Wiszniewską.

    • Music classes

      It is a real adventure in the world of sounds. We love playing drums, dancing and singing together. What is more, we discover that you can play anything, even on a newspaper:)

    • Cooking classes

      We love preparing simple dishes. We have our own proven recipes. However, sometimes we are inspired by suggestions from our Parents. We even created our own Chatka’s Cookbook:)

    • Arts and crafts

      The works of great masters are our biggest inspiration. We have an easel in each classroom. Children, looking at mature paintings, create their own works. Also, Children’s works are inspired by their own experiences. During art classes we practice motor skills. Every week we create works that we present at the exhibition in the hall.

    • Experiments

      What happens to an egg when we dip it in vinegar? How to explain this phenomenon? If you put a handkerchief in the jar and dip the inverted jar in water, the handkerchief will remain dry. Why? Our Montessorians, together with their Teachers, are looking for answers to these, and many other questions.

    • Rhyme time

      Reciting simple poems and telling tongue-twisting stories improve our speaking skills:)

  • What is more...

    We organize trips e. g. to the theatre, museums, nature reserves. We respond to Children’s needs while choosing activities for them. After all, they are the real hosts of this place.