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    Montessori kindergarten with an original English language teaching program
  • A happy child in a professional Montessori environment

  • Our Mission

  • Chatka preschool has a clearly defined mission – „A Happy Child in a professional Montessori environment”.
    We wish that every Child contributes to the Montessorian community. We also want the Child to discover the world around him with joy. We encourage Children to ask bold questions and experiment freely. Only then can they spread their wings and fully discover who they are and what they need. A professional environment consists of a Montessori classroom and a qualified Teacher who watches over each Child and follows their needs.

  • Montessori Pedagogy

  • Maria Montessori’s pedagogy is a long established approach to Children. It is centered around the natural curiosity of each Child, his openness and unique potential.
    The most important part of our school-day is Montessori work with carefully designed educational materials. Thanks to them the Child experiments, explores, and comes to solutions of problems that interests him. In Chatka Children supported by their Teachers make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Through this, they actively build their personality in a friendly Montessorian community.
    Every day w have circle time, during which we discover secrets of the universe, we get to know continents and the history of the Earth. Children love to explore the world around them!
    It is impossible to describe all this extraordinary approach to the Child in a few sentences.
    Therefore we encourage you to read Paul Epstein’s article „You Are a Child only Once”.

    • As a mom who cares deeply about the development of my child, I find Chatka Natolin as a fantastic place that helps my son grow as an independent, confident and happy little person. Great teachers!

      Agnieszka Perez-Getka
    • My son loves this kindergarten to such an extent that he is really unhappy when he hears: ‘We are going on vacation, not to kindergarten.’

      Małgorzata Maciak
    • Everything here tick-ticks here like a Swiss watch. Children and their development are the most important.

      Adriana Bronikowska
    • Franek was eager to go to kindergarten every day, and he graduated this year. I am glad that we chose Chatka for him as a place of preschool education, we will always remember this valuable time of his childhood!

      Adam Janowski
    • Great teachers, a beautiful kindergarten, a rich program and, above all, a great atmosphere. This is what kindergartens should look like!

      Otylia Sałek
    • A great facility and very good staff. My child loves to spend time in kindergarten. He never cries in the morning before leaving the house. There are many manual and creative classes, and the teachers always manage to interest the kids.

      Paulina Mąkosa
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