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    Two qualified Teachers work in each group. Additionally, an English Teacher in the English-Polish group communicates with children only in English. Our Teachers are not only well qualified, but also are truly devoted to the Children they discover the world with!
    • Agnieszka Czemplik

      Agnieszka Czemplik

      My name is Agnieszka Czemplik. By vocation and education I am a preschool and early childhood education teacher. Being a mother of two wonderful Children, I completed two-year postgraduate studies at the Academy of Family Alliance in Warsaw, as well as a Montessori course in Chatka. During my professional work, I obtained qualifications for diagnostics and hand therapy. And so it started, my adventure with the Montessori method in practice.
      At work, I constantly observe Children and I know for sure that accompanying the youngest in growing up is the most beautiful experience in my life. Montessori pedagogy and philosophy became my professional life, but (completely unexpectedly) it also turned out to be a path of personal development. It is also undoubtedly my private and family life.
      My favorite sentence of Maria Montessori, which motivates me to constant development and developing my passion is: “A child is a builder of man. Everyone in this world has been shaped by the child he once was.”
      In my free time: I listen to audiobooks or read books, watch movies, cook (necessarily listening to music), plan the trip of my dreams, along the trails of South America. And as a freshly baked rider, I take advantage of every opportunity to horseback. But most of all I am a mother, wife and co-owner of several pets:)

    • Alicja


      Hello, I’m Alicja. While still at university, I worked as a babysitter. I have always liked to watch Children admiring the world that surrounds them, how they take care of themselves and others. Such contact with Children can be compared to the most exciting film. Just stop for a moment and watch!
      As a certified teacher, I discovered, that the Montessori method is the one that totally fits my nature. I can compare my work to the passionate observation of a detective. I constantly discover what Children really need and try to cooperate with them. I develop Montessori materials by following the Children. I also love art, especially painting. Children create extremely original works, being in contact with the pictures of mature artists. All we do is to create appropriate conditions:)
      In private, I prefer theater to cinema, and I would love to read a good crime story.

    • Ilona


      Hello, I’m Ilona. To me the world is full of mysteries, and solving them gives me incredible satisfaction. Getting to know and learning new things gives me great joy and I want to share this joy of learning with the Children.
      I also like board, logical and strategy games, especially the Queen of games, chess. I like cycling. My favourite regions are Bieszczady and the Canary Islands. I love books, including those for children:)
      Why Montessori? A bit by accident and a bit out of curiosity. This pedagogy helps me fulfill the constant need to discover the beauty of the world and to develop a love for mathematics. I keep finding a challenge for myself every day. Montessori pedagogy is gradually becoming my passion.

    • Iwona


      My adventure with the Montessori Montessori method began in 2007. In 2009, I graduated from the Polish Montessori Institute. In the same year, I started working in Chatka. I love being with children and watching them discover the world around them.
      I like reading books, I try to instill in my children a love of reading. In my spare time, I play sports, cook, listen to music and relax outdoors.

    • Iza


      My name is Iza. I love plants, the beauty of everyday life and Montessori. In a nutshell, life as we know it! That’s why I work in a Montessori kindergarten.
      Maria Montessori in her pedagogy enables us to notice and accept what we have at our fingertips. And we have a lot! Everyone in our group of Children has a unique personality, so we do not know what boredom is. Our day is filled with sorrows and joys, disagreements and moments of sheer harmony. In all of this, we learn to accept each other in order to be able to accept ourselves. Chatka is a true Montessori place.

    • Justyna


      As a teacher, I have chosen Montessori because the main principle in this method is respect for the dignity of the Child. Montessori environment enables Children develop inner strength and security, which translates into an insatiable willingness to explore the world.
      Working with children is my passion, I am happy to observe how they achieve their independence step by step every day. In my work with children, I am a guide for them, while allowing them to work and act at their own pace.
      Working in Chatka gives me great satisfaction. After studying pedagogy at the University of Warsaw, I worked as a preschool teacher. When I discovered Montessori, I completed the Montessori Early Education course organized by the Polish Montessori Institute. I also had the pleasure of gaining experience in a Norwegian Montessori kindergarten.
      I keep improving my qualifications taking courses and participating in workshops. I am a mother of three wonderful children, Zuzia, Piotr and Helenka. Our family loves nature, and especially mountain hiking in the wild.
      I am a book and chocolate lover.

    • Małgorzata Wiszniewska

      Małgorzata Wiszniewska

      I am the founder and director of Chatka pre-school. By profession, I am an English teacher. My adventure with Montessori began with my own Children, of whom I have four. 20 years ago and I was teaching them English, and trying to find interesting ways to have fun and work together. It was then that I came across the Montessori school in Koszarawa. This visit changed my life!
      Montessori is more than pedagogy to me, it is a lifestyle. I would like everyone to be able to experience the true freedom of choice, the joy of learning, the love that is given by Children living in a Montessori environment.
      Chatka’s mission is to enable Children find out what their true natureis, what is their potential.
      For me, every day of work is a joy to discover the richness of life.

    • Ola


      My name is Aleksandra. I am a happy mother of two daughters, 3.5-year-old Laura and 5-year-old Zuzia. My interests are movies, theater, sports and psychology. I like traveling and reading books. I love the sun, music and sweets. I am happy to experiment in the kitchen, making various cakes and desserts, but I leave cooking to my husband;) I spend my free time in nature with my family and with Carbon – our Labrador.
      Maria Montessori’s pedagogy is the approach to Children which is closest to my heart. Their honest, sensitive, delicate personalities are a constant inspiration and joy to me. Working with Children is my passion.

    • Małgosia


      Hello, I’m Małgosia, I am an English teacher by education with many years of experience in teaching children, adolescents and adults. I have been working at the Chatka kindergarten since 2014. In Maria Montessori pedagogy, I am most attracted to adapting to a child through careful observation. Privately, I am a mother of one-year-old Ola and six-year-old Michałek, who attended the Blue group in Chatka. In my free time,I love cycling with my family:)