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    Two qualified Teachers work in each group. Additionally, an English Teacher in the English-Polish group communicates with children only in English. Our Teachers are not only well qualified, but also are truly devoted to the Children they discover the world with!
    • Małgorzata Wiszniewska
      Owner and Director

      Małgorzata Wiszniewska

      Owner and Director

      I am the founder and director of Chatka pre-school. By profession, I am an English teacher. My adventure with Montessori began with my own Children, of whom I have four. 20 years ago and I was teaching them English, and trying to find interesting ways to have fun and work together. It was then that I came across the Montessori school in Koszarawa. This visit changed my life!
      Montessori is more than pedagogy to me, it is a lifestyle. I would like everyone to be able to experience the true freedom of choice, the joy of learning, the love that is given by Children living in a Montessori environment.
      Chatka’s mission is to enable Children find out what their true natureis, what is their potential.
      For me, every day of work is a joy to discover the richness of life.

    • Agnieszka


      My name is Agnieszka Czemplik. I am Chatka’s Director. For as long as I can remember, there have been Children in my mind 🙂
      As a toddler, I tied a scarf on my back and carried dolls in it. When I grew up, I became a full-time nanny for my younger cousins. I loved it !!! 🙂 Being a mother and responding to the dormant need for development in the field of pedagogy, I completed two-year pedagogy studies at the Academy of Family Alliance in Warsaw. I also took part in a Montessori course in Chatka and thus started my adventure with the Montessori method in practice.
      Montessori pedagogy and philosophy became my profession, and a path of personal development. It undoubtedly permeats every aspect of my life. During my professional work, I gained qualifications to
      conduct diagnostics and hand therapy. The role that I currently play in Chatka includes administration and faculty support. Above all, I wish to preserve and nurture the Montessorian spirit of this place among Parents, Children and Teachers.
      In my free time I listen to audiobooks or read books, watch movies, cook (necessarily listening to music), plan a trip of my dreams – along the routes of South America. Additionally, as a freshly baked rider, I take
      advantage of every opportunity to take horseriding. But most of all I am a mother, wife and co-owner of several pets 🙂

    • Iwona


      My adventure with the Montessori Montessori method began in 2007. In 2009, I graduated from the Polish Montessori Institute. In the same year, I started working in Chatka. I love being with children and watching them discover the world around them.
      I like reading books, I try to instill in my children a love of reading. In my spare time, I play sports, cook, listen to music and relax outdoors.

    • Justyna


      As a teacher, I have chosen Montessori because the main principle in this method is respect for the dignity of the Child. Montessori environment enables Children develop inner strength and security, which translates into an insatiable willingness to explore the world.
      Working with children is my passion, I am happy to observe how they achieve their independence step by step every day. In my work with children, I am a guide for them, while allowing them to work and act at their own pace.
      Working in Chatka gives me great satisfaction. After studying pedagogy at the University of Warsaw, I worked as a preschool teacher. When I discovered Montessori, I completed the Montessori Early Education course organized by the Polish Montessori Institute. I also had the pleasure of gaining experience in a Norwegian Montessori kindergarten.
      I keep improving my qualifications taking courses and participating in workshops. I am a mother of three wonderful children, Zuzia, Piotr and Helenka. Our family loves nature, and especially mountain hiking in the wild.
      I am a book and chocolate lover.

    • Zuzanna


      I gained the experience of working with children as a volunteer in  during numerous summe camps, where I worked as an educator.During my studies of pre-school and early school education, I discovered the pedagogy of Maria Montessori, which turned out to be consistent with my view of the Child, his needs and potential, as well as  ensuring his safety by setting the boundaries within which we give children freedom.
      Working with Children gives me great satisfaction and many valuable lessons – I think that you can learn a lot from them. I also enjoy all creative works, crafts, embroidery and art.

    • Zuzanna


      I am an pedagogue and psychologist. It is extremely important for me to look at a child individually and holistically – to see his passions, abilities, possibilities. For a child, the world is extraordinary and vast, there is always something new to discover (now it’s a little snail, building a bridge or distant galaxies, and in a moment something else, extremely delightful). I love working with children, listening to them and watching how they discover and perceive the world.

      My passion is learning and discovering new things in a wide variety of fields. In my free time, I most enjoy reading books – as different as the people who write their thoughts in them are (both scientific titles and the most diverse genres of popular or children’s literature).

    • Mercy


      My name is Joan Mercy Wala. I am a happy English teacher at Chatka Montessori kindergarten Natolin. From day one, working in Chatka Montessori Kindergarten has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience which has allowed me to not only play a key role in helping young children learn, grow and thrive in a safe and nurturing environment within Chatka, but also build strong enthusiastic relationships with the young children. I hope to make a positive lasting impact through guiding young minds to prepare them for their future.
      I am passionate about working with and around young children. I come to school each day with a huge smile on my face and so do our pupils.